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LeRoy Candelaria aka LUXNV was born in La Mirada, California in 1973. He attended Platt College, University of Phoenix, and The Art Institute of California, Inland Empire.
As a multi-medium artist he has worked both as an applied and freelance artist. He began his graphic design career in 2006 and continued to evolve his visual mediums in the digital arts to include digital photography and video. His video and photographic work has been commissioned by such companies as Glaceau, Coca-Cola, and Sprite. In his term of contract work with Glaceau he had commissions to work with 5 time Super Bowl champion and 4 time Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady, 5 time NBA Champion, 2 time NBA Finals MVP, 2008 NBA MVP Kobe Bryant, Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe and SAG award winner Jennifer Aniston. With Coca-Cola his commission involved the making of 5 short films for Coca-Cola’s Los Angeles marketing team to celebrate the company’s 125 year anniversary of which all 5 short films were shown in the famous downtown areas “LA Live’s” Regal Cinema.
As a self-taught artist he tried to elevate his work through more traditional means of higher education. In his attendance to the Art Institute he learned the vary basics of painting and color theory while pursuing his studies in digital photography, he would later drop out of the program due to the schools extraordinary tuition costs. From that point forward he began painting murals on large canvas formats with acrylics. In 2016 he began his “Aura” sculpture glass head project which he sold on his first public exhibition in downtown Riverside, California.

LeRoy Candelaria is a United States Army veteran of the 1992 Somalia Restore Hope Campaign with the United Nations.